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Current language is English, see in Farsi.

Dariush Eghbali

Ayeneh Foundation

Ayaneh Foundation is a nonprofit organization that asks us to look at ourselves so we can find what we can do for others. Our goals are primarily to deliver aid to people in need, from refugees to drug addicts, as well as to conduct education campaigns to inform the public about the plights of their fellows. Our past projects have raised awareness about issues such as street children, prostitution, and suicide in Iranian communities.
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My Book

Every body has a story to tell -- just most people don’t bother telling theirs. Perhaps because they don’t think any body will care. People do care and hunger for stories to inspire and connect them. For almost half of a century I have been singing stories for others, it seemed about time I should tell my own. I have worked hard and been lucky, so some parts of my life are uniquely my own and I am excited to share them with you.
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